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The most important step in the care and maintenance of your roof is understanding its current condition, and there is no more thorough way to assess your roof than through an  inspection. Proactive roof inspections are the key to identifying defects and problems in their early stages, before they turn into costly repairs, and allow you to determine the appropriate maintenance strategies to extend the life of your roof beyond its usual life 
During emergency calls, or as part of regular maintenance, MAS ROOFING believes in only providing roofing services that meet or exceed manufacturer standards. Our service technicians are trained and licensed in the repair of all major roofing systems, andmost have generations of experience in tracing and trouble-shooting problems, and proposing cost-effective solutions.
With a well-planned maintenance program, you can extend the life of your roof by identifying potential problems before they turn into costly repairs. Additionally, most roofing materials manufacturers require regular maintenance to keep their roof warranties valid.
At Mas Roofing, our preferred remedy for most roofing problems is to extend the life of the existing roof by returning it to a serviceable condition. However, even a well-maintained roof structure will ultimately need to be replaced.

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